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Sunday, January 23, 2011

True-ing up...vol. 1.1

Pan-roasted balsamic veggies from one of my dinners this week

So....I'm using the blog to help me stay true to my healthy eating, weight-loss plan. If it gets to aggravating you, feel free to skip these posts.

I did good for the most part this past week. (read a side track to southern-style dinner and another dinner at Carrabba's sprinkled in there) My weight loss has slowed way down, due to the fact, I think, that the first 12 lbs. has something to do with the whole holiday overconsumption plus the kidney stone affair. So I've dropped another 2-ish lbs. since I told you about the 12 but that seems to fluctuate on the day.

My Jillian Michaels DVD came in the mail this week. and I already hate that freakin' bitch. My thighs are screaming for mercy and I only got through the first 15 minutes. once. But I'm back on the horse tomorrow. Insert giant cuss stream here (&(&*((%(%(^($(#(@(!!@(#($(%((FFFFFFF%^&K!

But let me freaking tell you, I'm sick to death of eating vegetables.


I haven't found enough ways to prepare them that they end up tasting too vastly different. I mean, seriously, there ends up being only so many ways that you can prepare veggies in a low fat manner that varies the taste. Last night, I made veggie enchiladas that were amazing, but the mister was only so-so about them so that factors in as well.

That would bring me to a whole other topic about feeding a finicky man while you are on a health binge but I digress....

The filling was fantastic! I sauteed onions, garlic, mushrooms, 1/2 a red pepper, and one jalapeno. Then I stirred in a rinsed can of black beans, one sweet and one red potato that I slightly par-cooked in the micro (skin on) and stirred in some torn spinach at the end. Plus I added cumin, chili powder, and some other various seasoning to taste. I think I added a little water in there while it was cooking up because it got a little dry.

Then I filled the tortillas. I used half plain old white tortillas (for the mister) and half high fiber/ low carb tortillas for me.

I made a homemade enchilada sauce with tomato sauce, cumin, chili powder, garlic, etc. I would've preferred to use a green sauce but this came together on the fly so I was using what I had in the pantry. I topped it off with a low fat mexican cheese blend and baked in the oven at 375 until golden brown and toasty-licious.

It was a great alternative to my normal chicken enchilada recipe and I think next time I try it, I'll go for the verde green sauce and maybe spot some 0% greek yogurt in for some of the creaminess that the above was lacking that I missed....because low fat sour cream sucks! but 0% greek yogurt is orgasmic when you're on a diet....just sayin'...

But all in all, I'm staying tough and strong! Bitchin' and moaning the whole way! Tonight the mister needed a break from all the healthful eating so he got a Totino's pizza and as damn delicious as it smelled in the oven (yeah, now you know I'm in full food-addict withdrawal) I ate my vegan veggie burger on high fiber bun with spinach along with some roasted veggies and choked it down while suppressing the urge not to go cook a Totino's for myself.

Keepin' my eye on the prize (a.k.a. those jeans in my drawer that my ass won't fit into)

But all bitching and moaning aside, I feel great and my body is TRES happy eating all these veggies and that helps :)

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Kristen said...

Oh this so explains some of the grumpies! I know where you are and actually I am working on this with you! Oh and yes Jillian is a freakin and sometimes I wish I could jump through the screen and (insert violent graphic here!) I won't do vegan veggie burgers but I'm here for ya!