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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Indie Craft Parade is almost here!

What?! Only 48 hours until Indie Craft Parade! I'm well on my way to being prepared but still running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Please stop by and say HI if you're in the Greenville, SC area on Friday or Saturday! I'll be in booth 51!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Good luck Barbara! I hope the show goes well and the weather cooperates!

Post pictures of your booth set up! I'd love to see all your beautiful work on display!

Have a terrific day!

daniRED said...

i saw you at the craft parade!! i bought a pink owl necklace! (i love it & wore it today)...i had the baby who was trying to jump out of the stroller LOL!

i was so excited to find something beautiful & handmade & a stay at home mom budget friendly price!

i wish you the best in your gorgeous handmade jewelery!! i have an etsy you might be into if you enjoy vintage clothing!


Barbara Bechtel said...

Thank you so much Erica! I'm so glad you're enjoying your owl necklace! I t was awesome meeting you and your babe! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to visiting your etsy shop and blog!


Pretty Things said...

I hope you do fantastic! I have my first show since March next weekend so I know about chickens and heads! ;-)