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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bead Giveaway!!!!

Lori & I are giving away beads! As the send off to our little Cup of Soup idea for the month of August, I'm giving away a set of beads from the Whisper Collection. Go now to Lori's blog and check 'em out to enter!

Super excited about next month at Pretty Things. Another artist will be teaming up with Lori for a new challenge....yay!

Go to the shop and pick up your own whisper beads if you feel unlucky or want to buy your own!


Jeannie said...

These are delightful. Me wants! I don't feel unlucky and I must stay positive.
I will post this on my blog with a link to yours.
Good Luck everyone.

Janet said...

These are very lovely!!

Janet said...

Ohhh oops I forgot that I wanted to say you beads are really wonderful and when I get unbroke (paid) I am going to buy!