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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Sketches...

Just thought I would show you what I've been working on lately... a WEDDING!
I made an initial inspiration sketch-up of the photos the bride sent to me of her dress, potential floral scheme and some other inspiration...

in the initial sketch up there was a wedding dress, but I can't put that out there, you know!

I will tell's a beach wedding. The groom and his party will be wearing baby blue casual beach shirts, the bridesmaids will be wearing black dresses of their choosing and pretty ornamented slaps( that's flip-flops, for all you non-florida people!) -that's black silk flowers in the photos, I think!

And I'm making gorgeous jewelry to match!

initial design sketches

We're still in the final design phases, shooting ideas back and forth and discussing details!

It is really quite fun! I'm enjoying the creative process of working with a client on such a momentous occasion and making such crucial decisions that will make everything perfect on such a special day!

The difficulty with doing everything online in a short time span is I don't have fabric samples in person and the local shops here, while lovely and accommodating do not have the inventory I'm seeking.

With the constraints of matching color, I'm left to guessing with stuff on the internet (again matching color on the screen to what I need), then 2nd and 3rd guessing color choices....Very frustrating. I'm pairing it all together though and it is all working out.

I'm finding it very valuable to follow my instincts with certain purchases and letting it all fall into place. I'm very confident that it will be beautiful and perfect for the ladies of the wedding party!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

How wonderful! I can't wait to see the finish products! Working on weddings are so much fun, brides are so happy and creating a custom design is so special.

Can't wait to see more!

Heather said...

b- i LOVE those earrings! so cool that you get to be part of someone's most important day!

TesoriTrovati said...

My first big project was a wedding. 8 bridesmaids, the bride and three special friends. They all wore something different in the color scheme and all their jewelry was individual too! I had to guess at what was best but overall it was great and not one person wanted to switch with another. Still one of my fondest projects. I can't wait to see how this evolves!
Enjoy the day!