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Monday, August 2, 2010

On Blogging...Vol. 3 Technical

So, along with my new found blogging vigor, I've decided to employ some new (to me) technology. Before, I had been using my Blogger Dashboard to follow all of my blog subscriptions. But, in an effort to think outside my own box, which might seem like DUH to others, I am trying out Google Reader to manage all my blog subscriptions. I can't tell you why I haven't tried it until now and I can't tell you yet whether I like it or not.

I like it for the following reasons:

*It provides a format without my blog attached for a more reader friendly format. I don't have to see my blog up at the top with the little date attached of my last post to impart guilt if I haven't blogged in several days. :)

*It shows what I've read, and I can mark as read certain blogs, so it helps me stay caught up.

I don't like it for the following reasons:
I haven't figured out how to keep it regularly updated. I've tried to delete some blogs (which has been my goal of quality, not quantity) but sometimes when I log back in, the blogs that I thought I deleted show back up. Sometimes the number of blogs unread shows numbers like 157, which, although I follow many blogs, they don't number nearly 157 and even though after yesterday, when I made my list into a manageable number and read them all and everything showed zero, today it said 157 and the ones I deleted are back. hmmmmm. and even still those posts did not number 157.

any advice?

I'm just trying to find a more constructive and organizational way to organize my blog reading so I don't miss the small blogs I love and I can fly through the popular giant blogs I read like magazines (you know, like Design*Sponge, Apartment Therapy, etc.)

I also have another problem. My main blogger account is linked to a non-gmail email. And my etsy shop is linked to a gmail. I use my gmail daily and I want to make it all cohesive. I would like to merge it all but that's not possible according to google. It appears as though I'm going to have to transfer all of the blogs I read over to my gmail account/reader....which is a big pain in my ASS...yes, my ASS...I'm sorry, but it's totally worth cursing over.

I will always have to keep the original non-gmail blogger account to edit the layout of my blog (until I transfer everything over to my main website to wordpress which will happen sometime this year) I've added my gmail account as an admin on my blog but it still makes my blogging life a bugger in the meantime and that's annoying.

What do you all do?


Cindy said...

Barbara, I'd love to see others advice as well. I'm in a unique situation, because unlike 75% of the bloggers out there, I use and not Blogger (I know many use Typepad too). So...I'm not able to add that cool widget that updates the latest blog entries, etc. to my blog. I need to figure out better ways to keep up with Google reader as well...maybe place it on my desktop, etc.

Rebecca said...

Personally, google reader has me totally foxed. I hadn't used it until you and Lori blogged about it and I've now given it a go....confused to say the leasT!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Don't feel bad, I can't figure it out either. Today I divided all of my blogs into folders and I'm thinking about delegating a day a week for each one....I'll keep you guys posted. What other readers are out there?

Pretty Things said...

I have the same trouble with a few blogs that I thought I'd deleted. Sometimes you have to go to the blog, go to the Follow section, click the Options (after you've signed in) and unsub there -- but even though I've done that, I still have a few that still show up. I just created a folder called "Not Following" in Google Reader.

Email me if you have any troubles and I'll try to help! lori at lorianderson dot net.

Barbara Bechtel said...

That is an excellent idea Lori!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Oh. Lisa from Lucid Moon Studio rec'd Feed Demon. So far so good!