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Friday, August 6, 2010

Advice needed....

This is really more of a question out into the ethos to my beading friends. I finally have the need to ream some of my beads. I don't own a reamer....(I know, what?) What can I say, I'm minimalist.

Actually, I need to ream some freshwater pearls. Has anyone tried to do this with a tiny drill bit on their rotary tool or flex shaft? I have bits that are smaller than a reamer.

It is going to explode in my face? Should I break out the heavy duty safety goggles?


Lorelei said...

wish i could help but I don't have flex shaft or other major tools. i have a bead reamer and could never really get it to work well on pearls.
good luck!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Thanks Lorelei! I'm probably just going to have to break out the goofy goggles and give it a try. I don't use a flex with my dremel and when I googled it, it said to not to try and wet ream a bead without the flex....and I'm sort of not wanting to electrocute myself. Shards of pearl in the eye would probably be preferable to electrocution.

Pretty Things said...

I never use a Dremel with pearls. I bought a special pearl reamer (hand held) from Fire Mountain Gems -- it's practically needle-thin and works great!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Thanks Lori! This morning I tried out a small dish of water and held the pearl just under the water and drilled it out.

It worked perfectly.

I also drilled a few dry, without water, and that also worked, but the pearl did get quite warm, so I think wet drilling it is the way to go.

I just used a tiny drill bit, not even a diamond tipped one. I think I will order a reamer though to keep on hand. I found one this morning from Widget that comes with bits and a handle and will work with my dremel as well.