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Friday, August 7, 2009

Fine Art Friday

from the top:

1.boy and beaver original collage by cabin + cub $25
2. A Place Found on No Map by Heather Smith Jones $60 found on her new gallery site here
3.Where Does it Begin-Where Does it End by 904EastMillerStreet $125
4.Heart - EPHEMERA BLOCK - 1961 Anatomy Illustration by Sushipot $15

I love original art. There is just something wonderful about having the actual work of an artist hanging on your wall. You can see the marks and brushstrokes they made and to me, there is a connection made between two people.

This is the essence of buying handmade. Forming connections and spending your hard earned money on something real and tangible, knowing that someone out in the world put love and effort into it. Art doesn't have to be expensive, although many times it is, but don't let that stop you from collecting original art.

There are many beautiful prints out there, but I just can't get over my love affair with original work. With a little time and effort, you can find gorgeous original work for not much more than you would pay for many prints.


jessica, a miniature rhino said...

nice picks. i made my first etsy purchase ever from sushipots! i really like that anatomical heart!

Jo Bradford said...

I am a fan of cabin+cubs work and love that anatomical heart too!!!