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Monday, February 14, 2011


Sorry, for the late posting. I mean to have these up bright and early Monday morning so they give you a bit to chew on while you're digesting the monday morning coffee and facing your week! did you do this week??? I've already heard that some of you did well but I can't wait for you to dish in detail!


I SUCKED ROYALLY. Total fail on my part. Something was seriously off with my mojo this past week. I couldn't seem to get anything made in the jewelry realm and my horoscope completely blew....something about something affecting my natal planet transitioning through my 9th house.....or whatever. But seriously, I couldn't figure out what was my freaking problem and then I saw my giant horrible horoscope and that basically confirmed my suspicions.

If you have any doubt that I was in the wrong place, you only, ummm, have to look at my last post....that should tell you volumes...because in a good place I wouldn't have posted that....but I left it up to show you the foul, snarky mood that overtook me.

Soooo, try again I will this week.

Did you know that this week, sort of appropriate for V-day today is National Random Acts of Kindness week? No kidding, and while we're at it, why not make it INTERNATIONAL Random Acts of Kindness week since we're all friends here. I know some people get their panties all in a bunch about Valentine's Day. and yes, it probably is a totally made up holiday for selling roses and cards and jewelry (hey! i make jewelry!) but seriously, a day to celebrate LOVE is pretty cool in my book. Here, at our house, we don't get toooo over-the-top about any holiday...we like it that way. And since we're both creative souls, we try to incorporate handmade gifts wherever possible. So, above you see the handmade valentine I made for my valentine (inspired by this post, that I customized with a little handmade polymer clay heart/arrowhead), and as soon as I post this, I'll be off to the kitchen to prepare some brownies (from a box,as I don't bake)and a delicious (I hope) vegetarian indian dinner. Over the weekend, we went to our most favorite Indian restaurant ever! ...and although, for a white girl, I make some mean curry, this place is tops so I've devoted the last several days to seeing how I can improve my Indian cuisine skills. So if you like to cook and love Indian food, you have to see this website. I swears, I've been watching her cook all day!

All that aside! Here is this week's mission!

Perform one (OR MORE!) random act(s) of kindness this week! It can be very simple or very complex, depending on how you choose....

Pay for someone's coffee or food at a drive through or restaurant.....

Bake or cook something and randomly give it or show up at a friend or neighbor's house with it....(if you have a neighbor that you constantly annoy or who annoys you, all the better!)

Stop and pick up bagels or pastries and take them to work....for no reason at all.

Take a small thing you handmade (almost like a valentine) and give it to someone at the grocer or bank or doctor's office or wherever! maybe it just says... I HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDEFUL DAY! or YOU DO A GREAT JOB! or just THANK YOU! (but for a no reason whatsoever thank you, get it?)

So, let's get on with this! I can already imagine my neighbors sniffing my cookies and wondering if they are laced with neighborhood is just that strange that they would probably be concerned.


mairedodd said...

love this - all of it...
last week, the universe decided to provide me with just the challenge on the same day as your post! my 12 yr. old suburban is dying - faster than i can pay for it... i have 3 kids and need the space... however, i also have some large life changes approaching - so as i was mourning my trusty truck, i realized that it was probably better to have this happen now than later... that i will be saving on gas... that i may be driving another old family car... so i tried to find things to be grateful for... oh, and the really important one of not getting attached to THINGS... thank you -
oh, you didn't suck - you learned...

Malin de Koning said...

Dear Barbara, i totally failed too. Last Friday I got so excited about participating. And indeed, after about an hour there was something. But guess what, that feeling/thought was so overwhealming I just don't have a clue how to turn it around. I got rather upset, and decided to leave it and instead finish off a bracelet I had been working on. But that also completely failed. Made me even more upset, and I ended up doing another Swedish lesson on my blog. Just to do SOMETHING usueful. I think it was an appreciated one. Got nice comments. But me, I am still caught up by the fact I failed so completely with the turning around of that negative thought. The good thing IS that I understand that there is something I must work on. Coz I really wanna turn that thought around. And hey, now that I mention it, I realize - maybe I could even call THAT my positive thought. It just took me until now to get it. So mission completed! No, on second thought. I still need to know how to turn around that first thought. It eats me up, you see.

I haven't blogged about it either.

Let us aim for a better result this week.

Malin de Koning said...

And Maire, last Friday you asked me "how are you today". Just happened to be that day, and I was not well and I wrote a long answer to you, which I haven't sent coz it was so depressing. BUT it really helped to write it all down, and sort my thoughts on the subject. So thank you!

Kristen said...

Oh I so totally failed too! I was hit with 2 different challenges that so overwhelmed me it was aweful! I hope we all have better luck this week! Hugs