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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MONDAY MILITIA!! on Wednesday!

Ooooooh.... So I totally dropped the ball this week, eh?

I had a good reason, I promise...

I'm on a tight deadline for all my posts...I post as I'm able and I post for Monday Militia basically on Sunday night and I had some {good} interferences so that is why I'm late....

I was doing this....

This is my much loved nephew whom I love with my whole heart!
ummm, and we got to spend time at the beach!!!!

hey, if that's not a reason to interfere with Monday Militia, what is?

So, that's my kindness for this week...

So, if you didn't fulfill your mission this week, what did you do? Did you have smiles at the beach? Did you enjoy a story with a small person? Did you live a joyous moment abundently? and share your joy?

Do tell...

How are you enjoying joy and SPREADING it???

OR, perhaps you had the most CRAPTASTIC week ever...did you?

Did you want to wallow in your own crap and just die?

Well, STOP!





are not alone....

and tomorrow....




or. not.

but perhaps the day after.


we always have....



1 comment:

mairedodd said...

boy if you didn't have a great reason to not post on monday - he is adorable! i guess this week i have been in a support position for a special friend who doesn't realize how special she is... as much as i love the word craptastic, i am trying to save it for something uber-deserving... i don't like to test the universe!