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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


a little craftiness that Santa's elves are making

Hello Friends... I've been absent once again...but here I am!

Thinking about gifting and giving and receiving at this Christmas time (or your own holiday)....

This year, I am crafting all of my gifts. Which isn't any different from the last 5 years but there were times in the past, several years, when many of the gifts given and received have been handmade. But this year, probably not. My family has been busy in their own right; new babe, new jobs, new moves and different lives so I think I will be the only one Crafting Christmas this year. and that's okay, because I understand the BUSY.

But I start to fret in the realm of my craftiness,

will my gifts be well received?

Should I just pony up and buy a gift card?

Aaaacccck! It sucks....

I don't want to be the CRAZY AUNT BETHANY who brings jello with cat food and boxes up her cat in pretty ribbons....

Do you question your own craft?

Do you undermine your own creativity to a $50 Macy's gift card???

1 comment:

Pretty Things said...

First, I totally got the movie reference!

And second, I love the photos.

And third -- yes. I worry that all the women will say oh great, more damned jewelry.

Other than that, I can't make all that much, or at least, my brain is too tired to try by this time of year.