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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shop update.....

A more involved piece with a bird of my own and a charm I ordered from moreskyjewels
nuggets in earrings!
nuggets with lots of old keys I picked up while junking in PA when I was home last
stamped pieces in polymer and the bezel technique from Stephanie Lee's book

As you all can probably tell, my mojo has been a little absent lately, but it's back BABY. and I've updated the shop. I'm also thrilled to be making and patinating almost all of my own findings now. I'm still using up the remnants of my stash, but I'm planning to use and patinate all of my own findings now or buy only artisan types from some of the other great girls out there who have all those awesome patinas that I just don't want to invest in. It helps me feel more of a connection to everything I make.

I upgraded my torch from just a micro to a cheapy propane and eventually I want to get the mixed tank with a nice torch handle but for now it is just me and mr. cheapo propane and my now repurposed creme brullee torch, since I don't need to making or eating creme brullee and really, I never really made it that often anyhow.

I'll be back later on today to reveal the winners of my homely owls. :)

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Your Mojo is so back and those are gorgeous pieces!!!!!

Thanks so much for the eye candy!