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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Cup of Soup, Shop Updates and more....

I'm a day or two behind posting this, so bear with me because I have lots to say and this is going to be a whirlwind, so grab a cup of coffee or tea or vino and sit down and buckle up....

I've been so busy over here in my little corner of the globe. Making, making, making. I was stoked to not only be in the Etsy Finds last week and that is in the middle of me making my new Erudite Collection as well as preparing for Indie Craft Parade. Then, on Friday, I had a nice little stint on the Etsy Front Page which led to some sales as well as some custom orders!

I know KJ is cursing right now, because I said I wasn't gonna do it. but I did. I couldn't help myself.

The new batch of Whisper pendants all hanging out together on my favorite rusty thing.

In the midst of all this fun, Lori Anderson over at Pretty Things put up some new designs from her Cup of Soup first thought was a big freak out because I had let the Whisper Collection dwindle down a bit and it was slim pickings up in that section in the shop....

Soooo, I've been busting a hump up in here trying to fill up the Whisper Collection since I know you are going to be inspired by Lori's designs. They are to die for. I mean, putting that copper piece around my focal is pure genius. So go have a look-see, if you haven't already because...well, Lori just plain ROCKS.

Make sure you keep tabs on that Lori girl, because you never know what she's got up her maybe a giveaway...or two (wink,wink). I know she has an awesome one going on right now if you help support an artist in need who lost her studio in a fire....and methinks there might be one more...

Wait, holy hell! I almost forgot to tell you about the owls....

These damn lovely owls. (sorry, I have a potty mouth)

Let me tell you about the owls. I suppose the owls are a bit like children to me. I don't have any children but bear with me here....

You give birth to them and you raise them right and they go out into the world and start to make you proud. Then one day they come home and tell you otherwise, like they hate you for giving birth to them or something or are going through that awkward teenage phase and brought home some god-awful boyfriend...So the owls retired for awhile and I left them to brood in all their owliness on their own...And I suppose the owls started to grow up and finally brought home a respectable mate (i.e. Lori's brilliant owl bracelets) and now I trust them again.

Okay...that was weird, I know....

..just go with it...

In the actual version, I stopped making the owls, as much as I loved making them, because they weren't selling, and because most of my work is one of a kind, I don't keep a lot of inventory and I can't AFFORD to keep a lot of inventory.

But I'm hearing out there in the ethos that people like the owls again so here is my solution:

I'll be selling the owls in made to order sets of 4 (or more). You can have them in all one color or a mix of the colors below. They will be $22 for 4 and you can have them in my four current colors plus my two neutrals:

flannel (baby blue)
persimmon (peachy pink)
sage (soft leaf green)
lavender (light purple)
turquoise (deep teal blue-green)

NEUTRALS (not shown here, but available upon request)
white (not a bright white)
taupe (a nice earthy beige)

I do two finishes:

Antiqued: an all-over rusty aged brown (this is how Lori's owls were done)
Distressed Brown: This preserves the overall integrity of the color used in the polymer clay, but has the deep brown finish in the crevices.

For the not-so-selective, I'm also going to offer an OWL GRAB BAG for $18 for 4 owls. They will be a color selection randomly selected by me, which means they will have prototype colors that I am testing and small runs because I often still use the owls in my own work.

The owls will be available in my shop here as soon as I can upload the listings in the next day.

So whew, I'm tired...I need another cup of coffee....this one is cold now.


Pretty Things said...

So, so, so glad the owls are coming. That price is a steal. I'll be stalking the store and buying!

Tyne said...

I love everything you have, I just ordered Whisper Collection- Hugs and Kisses Focal, and can't wait for it to arrive!

Silver Parrot said...

I saw the stuff on Lori's blog and loved it (y'know, after I got through cursing her for being so freakin' creative and a genius and stuff).

I spose this means it's okay to share my "rocks" in a future Bead Porn issue??? 'Cuz I saw those tan ones on Etsy today so I KNOW what you did! LOL!