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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Collection: Whisper

So I've been developing some new beads lately. I'm trying to get away from stamped images and going towards more original carved pieces, which I then mold, similar to my You were born with wings pendant. But I also want to develop some cohesive collections, that include connectors/links, spacers, charms, and large focals.

I started with the Breeze Collection which I'm currently developing and expanding but I also started on the Whisper collection when Lori Anderson, of the blog Pretty Things, An Artist's Year Off, and hostess with the mostest of the Bead Soup Party contacted me about purchasing some beads, sight unseen, for a little creative exercise on her part. It seemed like divine providence or something, because I was just finished with the first round of the Whisper collection as well.

Lori is going to keep us updated on her progress so be sure to stop over and offer her some encouraging words!

The Whisper collection is all about working intuitively on the beads. I wanted to try for awhile to get away from making beads by rote, and really have them be a reflection of my mental process. When I was in college, my artist statement said that I combined mental whispers and ephemera to create a psychological narrative. Well, I'm still doing that....just on beads. It's funny, my work is much different now, but the way I work is still very much the same.

As for the Whisper collection, the weather is not cooperating today, so I should have some up in the shop sometime tomorrow. I'll be sure to keep you all posted!


Emerald Window said...

Very Lovely!

Carol B said...

I love those! I'll be keeping an eye on your new series.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Barbara, I love your Whisper Collection! The simple elegance is outstanding! I love the Breezes collection too. Both speak to me for different reasons!

Hope you are having a TERRIFIC week!

Pretty Things said...

I should have the first pieces this weekend!

Cindy said...

I saw your gorgeous beads on Lori's blog... and looking forward to seeing the wonderful jewelry she'll create with them!

Barbara Bechtel said...

Thank you ladies! I feel very flattered by your comments? What would you change about them if you had a choice?