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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and here she is...FTW

After I coated the wire bust with a coat of Modge Podge and tissue paper to form a base, I coated her with some acrylic modeling paste to make sure the wire wouldn't show through.
Partially decopaged.
All finished! After I finished decopaging her, I covered her with another layer of tissue to give her a smooth surface, then I antiqued her with an acrylic wash, to give her depth.

and here is Madge....for the win! All decopaged and shabby fab. I really should have taken a before photo. Well, at any rate, here are the transitional phase photos so you can see her transformation. To start she had an ugly wire cage bust. She was a cheap TJMaxx clearance item...and I spent way too much time making her pretty, but was just bits and pieces of time here and there while I was waiting on other things. And I really think that the time paid off....What say you?

I may still add some ornamental elements on top to pretty her off, but I may not...who knows???? The cool thing is that her arm and neck sockets are open so I envision adding shabby arms and neck to her. Maybe an old paint encrusted paintbrush or ornamental something that I can hang more jewelry off of.

Let me know your thoughts! I'd love to hear comments and suggestions!

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