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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just stopping in... show my newest. I'm most excited about my new wing pendant. It is a hand carved piece that I've molded and then each piece is hand stamped after molding with a piece of a quote by Rumi. This is the new direction my work is taking and I'm so thrilled.

I started out with this bead and jewelry adventure about a year and a half ago and I think, through work and struggle, I'm coming out of my awkward tweenage years and starting to develop a unique style that I'm very proud of. I already have more carved pieces in the works and will be excited to introduce them soon!

This pendant comes with a pendant loop, but as all are made to order, I'm happy to drill a hole if you're working on a specific design, or add a jumpring to the loop if you want to add it to a chain or cord.

Available here.