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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thoughts, the giveaway & Adorned by Morgan

I'm a little late in congratulating the winner of my beads that I was giving away over at The Constant Gatherer. Rachel of Adorned by Morgan won her choice of a multicolored set of birds or owls! She chose birds!

The best part for me, is that I was already an admirer of her work! Rachel's designs are truly unique. Since I am both a bead designer as well as a jewelry maker, it's hard sometimes to rectify making a truly handmade bead to the wealth of equally lovely embellishments that can be purchased on the market for sometimes better prices and fabricated into stunning pieces. You can search on Etsy for hours and not find many pieces that carry the charm of Rachel's work.

What is unique about Rachel's designs is that each piece carries a lovely narrative all it's own, a quality I strive for in my own work. You can tell that they are all carefully considered and each component is thoughtful. Thanks Rachel for participating!

p.s. her work is vegan! how cool is that?

1) the set of four beads that Rachel won!
2) Sweet Spool of Flowers $32
3)Gypsy Trove Necklace $75
4) Blossoms from Wonderland $36.5
5) Sweet Japanese Baskets {sold}


Adorned by Morgan said...

Thank you so much, Barbara! I appreciate your generously shared creations and post. You absolutely "get" my aesthetic.

Looking forward to our collaboration,

Rachel Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, I love the picture of your birds!!!