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Thursday, July 23, 2009

delicate and lovely

Just had to take a moment to show you what arrived on my doorstep 2 weeks (no,can't be that long now!) ago and now I'm finally posting it! Another of my too pretty for words art swaps from the A Year Of Color blog hosted by Kari Ramstrom aka Artsy Mama.

My partner for this summer themed collage swap was Elise. She has a *gorgeous* little etsy shop and blog, all showcasing her amazing vintage finds. Not only are they adorable but they are packaged just so, as evident by the way my collage was boxed up. I literally didn't want to open it up! So, as not to disturb the lovely ribbon, pretty tissue and frippery.

There is this whole CLASS of artists out there who have an amazing sense of light airy color palette. Beautiful pastels, carefully chosen bits of metallic ephemera, all light as a feather and so feminine and pretty. Elise is one of them and I am *green* with envy. Me, even if I set out to do this, it ends up gaudy and colorful, like a circus. This is my curse. I just roll with it.

We chose a garden theme on an 8" square and I'm pleased as a Cheshire cat. There's a photo of me grinning like one, that Mike took when I opened it, but I'll spare you the drama...

You can see the collage I made for Elise here.

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Katie Runnels said...

Sweet! I love her packaging too! And-no...yours do not turn out fact, I could use your description of her work for yours! and anyway...circus themes are great!! xo