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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Sexy Mother Pucker at
Buxom Lip Gloss available at

Has anyone tried this? I am a huge fan of the Buxom lipgloss from Bare Escentuals but these days I'm not wearing as much makeup as it seems ludicrous to spend $18 dollars on a tube of Buxom if the Sexy Mother Pucker by Soap and Glory Cosmetics does the job for $8.99.

And it did! If you're not familiar with either product, both rely on lots of emollients to polish your lips and fill in creases for a fuller look, plus a tingly factor to give them a pout. Just a note, some people don't like the tingly factor, so there's a word of warning.

Good on the pocket but after that post, I feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap!

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