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Thursday, June 18, 2009

little diy project of our own....

How come it is that if you're creative for a living, you get to do your own creative projects last?? I guess its sort of like a chef that cooks all day and comes home and eats TV Well, Mr.Mike has been at me to paint this piece of wood that he had so he could make a rack for all the outdoor clothes. Where he can hang his overalls and weed-whackin' clothes. So, yesterday, whilst I was painting, I finally fashioned him a 2ndsurf styled coat rack. Totally made out of found hooks, wood, and items that we had around here. Since I was already painting, I only used leftover paint on my pallet too so basically, it was completely free, outside of labor. I think it looks pretty groovy, no?
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pixelhazard said...

Oh good pretty-fying! Who need boring coat hooks