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Sunday, February 1, 2009

a year of color......

One of my intentions for 2009 was to engage myself artistically, in a meaningful way, with other artists in order to inspire and exchange ideas. I visit several blogs regularly, and am totally enamored with Kari Ramstrom's blog, Artsy Mama. Kari is currently hosting a private blog named A Year of Color, which anyone can join by purchasing a subscription through her Etsy shop. Both of her blogs are filled with gorgeous inspiring photos, ideas, projects, and interviews.

If you can't get enough of home decor, craft, or diy magazines like me, you will find her blogs so inspiring, you may not even need to splurge on that guilty pleasure of a $5.99 magazine.

I'm currently participating in a swap coordinated through the Year of Color blog, themed "All that I Love.." I will be posting pictures of both the items I am swapping and the items I receive in the coming weeks. I don't dare post the items yet for fear I will ruin the surprise for my swap partner....but i do hope she is as pleased with them as I am!

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ArtsyMama said...

So glad you're enjoying the blog.
Thanks for your kind remarks.