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Thursday, February 19, 2009

my great reap of swappiness....

clockwise from left; a cool old salt water taffy box filled with pastel paints and shimmery buttons, a flowery suitcase with an awesome filigreed handle that held many delights, a beautiful bird plate from anthropologie (Marlene works there part time *sigh*green with envy*could that be the most perfect part time job ever?), darling candy embellishments
clockwise from left; new jersey salt water taffy, colorful old school candy dots, a beautiful hand embellished candle inspired by a year of color tutorial by Kari, a set of pretty custard cups in lovely pastel colors, and a vintage iridescent teacup

I just couldn't wait to put up these pictures of the great items my swap partner, Marlene, sent my for the "All That I Love" swap hosted by Kari Ramstrom over at the Year of Color blog. This was my very first swap ever and I was a little apprehensive about it but I decided to give it a shot. I'm not sure that my own package equaled the one that Marlene sent me, but I did my best! Since the swap was pretty personal and up to each swap duo to decide their theme within a certain criteria, Marlene & I decided to make the theme of our swap "Salt Water Taffy". We both live near the ocean and we both have a love of all things pastel and pretty. If you compare my items and the items she sent me, I think it all turned out smashing!

p.s. i just realized I left out a photo of the awesome assemblage she sent me ~probably because it is already propped on my shelf above my desk~ but i will give it a post soon, or you can definitely check it out on the flickr soon.


Geralyn Gray said...

I just met Marlene at a tea I hosted---she is the were so lucky to have her as a swap partner----how nice are all those treasures you received? I love the dot candy and the bird dish....actually I love it all!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Bechtel said...

me too! it was better than christmas!!!! she is a doll!