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Saturday, September 13, 2008

a tribute....

spent a happy sad week up in North Carolina at Mike's family farm. Unfortunately, our trip was not for pleasure but to attend the funeral of his beloved grandma, Edna Beam Logan. Living 90 years, this incredible lady was honored in the traditional country way, complete with a lovely remembrance at the small country church, a hearty southern tureen supper prepared by the ladies of the church, and lots of tears and smiles as everyone remembered Edna, truly the best kind of lady...All the stories just made me think about how women like that were truly pioneers of their day. Loving dutiful wives, who lived tough country lives, both minding a house, a farm, a family...always without complaint, doing it with quiet wisdom, fortitude, and grace. We should all be so blessed to have had a woman like this in our midst.

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