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Saturday, September 27, 2008

long overdue......

while i didn't get much time to browse about while i was in North Carolina, i did come home with a bounty of a different sort. The folks there are so friendly and genuine and good fellowship was enjoyed in the form of food and fun and conversation, even amidst the sadness of the occasion.

barbara and frank ritchie sent us home with jars of canned goods, including their amazing chowchow, an incredible spicy pepper relish, as well as a jar of peach jam and a jar of damsen jam, a fruit that is like a tangy plum, i am told. i can't wait to try it!

we spent an evening chatting and catching up with james and ewa powell, great friends of mike's over delicious tomatoes fresh from the farmer's market, a beautiful wedge of parmesan cheese and bread paired with nice cold beer. ewa then sent us packing with recently crafted handmade soap.

james is the owner of modern fabrics, a company which reclaims high end designer remnants from textile mills and offers them to the public. ewa is a partner at winkbox, a graphic design firm focused on creative media.

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