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Thursday, August 14, 2008

covered in paint....

i've been a busy b. this week working on new work to list on my etsy store. I had my first sale from it this week and i'm very excited about that. It's giving that extra push to get my rear in gear and get those paintings i've been procrastinating about finished.

in addition i've also posted some new things on my kit of parts etsy store that i hope will delight and inspire you to create and spread love and peace to those around you.

i've taken some measures to reduce the work load at my full time job so i can devote more time & energy to my web offerings...

btw, if you are looking for some of my older work that is still for sale you can find it at my ebay store as well as my other hobby which is combing sales for lovely used surf/skate gear and home decor items.

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